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Olympians and Amateur Athletes Unite: Massive International Sporting Event Hits University of Guelph This Summer!

Calling all sports fans! Join Olympians, amateurs, and sports enthusiasts alike for a thrilling celebration of athleticism, camaraderie, and fun. Get ready to be inspired and entertained in a vibrant atmosphere where the love for the game and the joy of competition unites all.

The GOOD Games, the nation’s premier festival of sport, is coming to the University of Guelph on July 6th and 7th. With an anticipated attendance of over 1,500 athletes and more than 15,000 enthusiastic festival-goers, this event promises to be a celebration of athleticism and the sheer joy of competition.

Athletes of all ages, from across North America and even as far as Hawaii, will gather at the University of Guelph for two days of spirited competition across twelve diverse sporting events. Among the participants are former Olympians, seasoned professionals, and passionate recreational athletes, all united in their love for the game.

Spectators will have the opportunity to witness elite athleticism firsthand as former Olympians and professional athletes showcase their skills in various competitions, including:

  • – Elite 2s beach volleyball, set on a specially constructed court at the heart of the festival grounds.
  • – The Canadian Freestyle Soccer Championships, where players will dazzle the crowd with their agility and creativity.
  • – The Canadian National Pickleball League Central Split, featuring some of Canada’s top players battling it out on the court.

– The Canadian National Teqball Championship, a thrilling fusion of soccer and table tennis, showcasing the world’s second-fastest-growing sport.

The GOOD Games isn’t just about watching from the sidelines; it’s about active participation and inclusion for all. The festival offers a range of free and family-friendly activities where attendees can try their hand at various sports and activities in a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Highlights include navigating a 175-foot inflatable obstacle course, learning the ins and outs of rugby, pickleball, axe throwing, and road tennis, and even competing in friendly rounds of golf tee-off, dodgeball, and three-legged races.

In line with its commitment to inclusivity and diversity, The GOOD Games will also feature Indigenous sports demonstrations, including lacrosse and high kick, in partnership with the Indigenous Sport and Wellness Council of Ontario.

Additionally, furry friends will have their moment to shine in the Canadian Iron Dog competition, a fun event hosted in collaboration with Iron Dog Canada.

The heart and soul of The GOOD Games lies in the inspiring stories of its athletes. Dawn Cole, a remarkable 75-year-old goalkeeper from Sacramento, exemplifies this spirit through the pursuit of her soccer dreams. Dawn is a prime example of the transformative power of sport, which transcends generations, unites communities, and ignites the human spirit. In her words, “Sports benefit you in every single way – mentally, physically, socially. Sports folks are interesting people. They are interested in life. They are people you want to know.” As the Masters sports movement sees a significant rise in participants, Dawn’s story is just one of many inspiring tales you will encounter at The GOOD Games!

The GOOD Games promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and get ready to be a part of something truly special on July 6th and 7th at the University of Guelph. Let the games begin!

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